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2018 Silverwood Lake Fishing Report and Map, also Public Lands and Hunting Clubs

2018 Silverwood Lake Fishing Report and Map, also Public Lands and Hunting Clubs

Fishing Map of Silverwood Lake

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About Silverwood Lake

SAN BERNARDINO's  Silverwood Lake provides bounty of species.  In the San Bernardino Mountains  near the top of the Cajon Pass, lies  Silverwood Lake.

 At altitude of  3400 feet, the 1000-acre lake has a  nearly year-round fishery for several species. It has a long-standing reputation for big striped bass, but it is also  one of the most best largemouth  bass lakes in Southern California.  The fishery has thrived because  MWD had to mitigate the problems with a series of work projects. Many rock  piles were constructed, and old citrus  trees

anchored with cinder block were  installed to create new structure for fish.
These are in the Miller Canyon and  Cleghorn arms of the lake. 

 Silverwood has good trout fishing nearly year-round but is best in the fall and spring. The primary problem with  Silverwood is lake level fluctuation.  The shallow water  bite is not consistent because of that. The  better bite is often off steeper structure,  and the fish suspend a lot rather than  move into shallow water.  The fish are often shallow,  but not in contact with the bottom. 

MILLER CANYON AND CLEGHORN:  The two arms of the lake which stretch  east and west from the launch area are  both good when the water is up. Fish steep structure from a  boat,  or fishing from from the  shore, as Silverwood has paths, nearly all the way around the  lake. So, in the spring, some

excellent  plastic worm fishing can be found in small coves and around the  rock piles installed during the draw down. 
In the spring when the  fish start moving into the back of the  coves, use a  spinnerbait for the pre-spawn or try suspending jerkbait fished along the creek channels heading into the coves. During the spawn, use something like a Slug-Go, and  then in the post-spawn  move  back out and fish worms or jigs.

Overall,  fishing spinnerbaits, jerk baits and  crankbaits will get fish all year long.  There are good fishing spots all over  the lake. The  riprap on the dam  and around the marina is quite  good anytime but try to fish the dam  early in the afternoon when the  wind starts blowing and it piles all  the trash (and the  bait)

 jigs with either  pork or plastic trailers.when the weather  cools down into the 50’s,  fish with bucktail jigs in dark  colors, Going into spring fish jigs as long as the water  temps are in the 60‘s.

Other  lures.a  spinnerbait is a  perfect lure for  those conditions when fish are suspended above the Lake bottom, maybesix feet deep in 15 feet of water, depending on the temperature.  If you would have to choose  one single lure  for Silverwood, it  would be a spinnerbait. 

However, use bass jigs as soon as the  water temperatures drop into  the 60-degree  range.
Holdover trout can be caught  right through the winter.  Huge Striped bass to  prowl the lake.
 Bluegill fishing is fair, but crappie can be excellent at times, primarily, in the spring.

 Location: 30 miles north of San Bernardino near the top of Cajon Pass. Take I-15 north to Highway 138, turn east approximately 11 miles to lake entrance.
Species: Trout, largemouth, bass, bluegill, crappie, striped bass.

Best tlme: Good year-round, best fall though late spring.

Facilities: Good launch ramps. One main ramp and a smaller

ramp in the  Cleghorn Arm of the lake for cartoppers and sailboats.

 Silverwood is a state park, and  has a fully developed campground, including group camping facilities.

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